100% Customer Satisfaction

We want you to be satisfied completely

You may for any reason, cancel your flights within 6 hours of reserving it. If your payment has been processed, this will be refunded to you. No questions asked. We want you to be absolutely satisfied with your choice and we do not charge any fees for this service.

Exclusions and conditions apply.

How do I qualify?

The Guvana Satisfaction Guarantee applies only to flight reservations sold on the Guvana.com website.

The cancellation must be done before check-in or utilizing of any portion of the airline ticket.

This is for new bookings and cannot be done for exchanged/reissued airline tickets.

This option must be initiated within 6 hours of making a booking, or 48 hours before your flights, whichever is earlier.


Fares that have been partially refunded or canceled by Guvana.com or others, are excluded from the Guvana Satisfaction Guarantee.

How do I make this request?

Contact us by email to booking@guvana.com with the booking code and names of all the passengers along with a contact number, within 6 hours of making a booking or 48 hours prior to the first flight, whichever is earlier, to initiate the cancellation.